8 things the media hasn’t told you about Hollywood

Each of the movie lovers very well knows what importance does Hollywood takes among different box offices globally. It is one of the most popular entertainment industries which do not need any special introduction to go along. Hollywood always remains in news for various releases, actors, directors and much more. Each of its incidences holds a limelight among all the news but there are still some things which haven’t told you about it. We are going to discuss 8 such things which you still now aware about the industry:

  1. Stolen Ideas: – Hollywood is World’s largest box office which releases about 500 movies every year which is really far above Bollywood. So creating up new movies every time with new ideas become sometimes difficult. Most of the times write comes up with the stories having no original ideas. They used to modify or intermix the previous concepts in such a way that the audiences could not really find out the original story. You can take into consideration of the concept of Halloween series regarding it
  2. No real actions: – Most of the times producers, directors and actors choose the computerized graphical action sequences instead of the real one. It does not only for the security purpose of the participating actors but also looks amazing on a big screen. Media most of the times hide such incidents and do not inform the audience about the technology used. For example Transformers, Swift

Rumors:- Until websites like Variety and Hollywood Reporter validated with confirmation on STX Entertainment’s recent activities, it was rumored that the Studio’s C.E.O Robert Simonds deal with China to supercharge film financing facilities. This rumor had suddenly stirred the interest of viewers on STX Entertainments. It served in favour of the studio, as during the time of the official announcement, the viewers were all ears. Taking the help of rumors for advertising upcoming studio activities is one of the oldest trick in the playbook. Most of the times, producers take help of media spokesmen to advertise their movie. David Letterman is a classic example of such a spokesmen, who reputedly held an even greater brand value than certain actors and actresses. Promoting movies and circulating gossips and rumours were what made Letterman such a hit.

  1. Terminated projects: – There are several projects which are really terminated in between due to the various reasons. Has media ever told you about them? It is a big NO most of the times. You can talk about Movie “Halo” here.
  2. Superstitious factors: Produces of Hollywood movie never allow the media talk about various superstitious incidents usually happened along the sets. It not only put a bad effect on the release of the movie but also creates questions about the image of the production houses.

8 things the media hasn't told you about Hollywood

  1. Accidents on sets: – Several times while doing some action sequence or other scenes actors may get hurt. Producers do not allow such news to leak to prevent the bad advertising of the movie.
  2. No animals were harmed: – You may have viewed scenes like hearting or killing animals in the Hollywood movies; which are not true at all. The producers and the directors of the Hollywood movies take a special care about not to harm any animal during shots. For example Life of Pi.
  3. Gaming the rating system: – Hollywood producers choose to play with the rating system of movies so as to advertise their movie a much higher than anything can. You may have noticed most of the times, the things you viewed on the trailer are missing on multiplex; so where they have gone now? Producers take help of such clips for explaining the main storyline to the audience.